6 Week Course Introduction to piping with Royal Icing, Tuesday evenings 7pm - 9pm from 20th February 2024, at Janice B's, Hedge End

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This 12 hour course is an ideal introduction to learning and perfecting piping skills with royal icing, and is suitable for beginners.  The course will be held on Tuesday evenings from 20th February through to 26th March at Janice B's Cake and Sugarcraft Centre, Hedge End.

Week 1: How to make royal icing both by machine and by hand, and how to achieve the perfect consistency. Storage of royal icing.  Making and filling a piping bag. Understanding different tubes (nozzles) and their uses. Piping shells.
Week 2:  Piping different sizes and designs of bulbs and over piping.
Week 3:  “S” and “C” scrolls and over piping
Week 4:  Cigar scrolls and over piping
Week 5:  Simple lettering 

Week 6:  Bringing all techniques learnt into a final piece.

The course will be run by Julie Hancock, an experienced and creative sugarcrafter and cake decorator.  Julie will share lots of tips and advice and answer all your questions, while filling you with the knowledge and confidence to create the most beautiful piped work.

For more information please call us at Janice B's on 01489 784999, email us at info@janicebarfootcakes.co.uk or pop in to the shop.  Places can be booked online here or if you prefer in the shop at 4 Freegrounds Avenues, Hedge End, SO30 0BJ